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People visiting Canada for vacation, study, work, or even immigrants with permanent resident visas are not immediately covered by the national health system upon arrival in the country. Travel Insurance is a form of protection in the event of a medical emergency, accidents or even flight delays or lost luggage. 

The same care is necessary, even when Canada is not the final destination! In some cases, like in Europe, Travel Insurance is mandatory in order to enter certain countries.

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Types of


  • Students

    Foreign Students enrolled at a school, college, university or any educational institution accredited by the Canadian government and pursuing full-time studies as defined by the institution, have access to special coverage through the country’s leading insurance company! Coverage is also valid for spouses and dependents.

  • Permanent residents in Canada

    For those arriving in Canada as immigrants, certain provinces require that you wait for up to three months before being eligible for coverage under the government’s public health insurance. Make sure you have private Health/Travel Insurance to cover all your health needs during this waiting period.

  • Super Visa

    The Super Visa allows parents and grandparents of permanent residents or Canadian citizens to visit their children or grandchildren for up to 2 consecutive years per visit. This is a multiple entry visa valid for a 10-year period. One of the government requirements for applying for this type of visa is proof of purchase of Canadian Health Insurance, which must be valid for at least 365 days as from the date of arrival in Canada and which offers protection/coverage of at least 100,000 Canadian dollars. It must also be fully paid (proof of payment is required).

  • Work

    Workers in Canada also require Travel Insurance while in the country. Not all companies offer private plans and many that do fail to include coverage for medical emergencies. For those planning on working for at least a year in Canada, there are options with additional coverage.

  • Tourists

    The length of your stay doesn’t matter. The most important thing is protection against unforeseen events and accidents. Recommendations are for coverage of at least $50,000 when heading to North America, due to the high cost of medical care.

  • Visiting Brazil

    Permanent residents with access to government health insurance, or temporary residents in Canada also need protection when travelling from their country of origin. If the destination is Brazil, we have several options on offer!

  • Visiting the world

    If you’re not visiting either Canada or Brazil, don't worry! We have Travel Insurance options for the four corners of the world.



Obtain insurance before you leave. When planning your trip, don’t forget your safety.