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Travel Insurance is a subject that can generate a series of doubts. As such, we’ve identified a number of frequently asked questions to help you:

I’m travelling to Canada on a student visa, but my spouse has a work visa. Can he use the same type of insurance as me?

Yes! Canadian insurance companies offer family plans, so spouses and dependents are able to use the same coverage as a student.

What must I do if I have to use my insurance? Is there a list of clinics that I should use in the case of an emergency?

There is no list of accredited clinics. Whenever medical care is required, ALWAYS call the insurance company FIRST. You will then be authorized and directed to medical care.

How do I settle the bill for a medical appointment? Should I pay and then request a reimbursement, or does the insurance company handle that?

This depends on a series of factors, for example: the type and location of assistance necessary, and your choices, too. In some cases, you may have to pay the bill and request a reimbursement right after, while in other cases, the insurance company will be billed directly by the hospital or clinic.

Does the insurance cover the cost of medication?

Yes, as long as the medication is prescribed by a physician during the emergency care.

Can I use my insurance as often as I want?

Yes. There is no limit to use, only a limit to the coverage in the selected plan.

I need to do a routine exam or doctor’s appointment. Is that possible?

No. The Travel Insurance plans don’t cover routine appointments, only emergency appointments. Emergencies include health problems that may not necessarily be considered serious, like a sore throat, fever, stomachache, which require a medical diagnosis. However, there are exceptions, so always consult us first.

Does the insurance cover dental services?

Only in the event of emergency dental care. We are unaware of any dental care plans available to non-residents in Canada or to people not eligible for the government public health system.

Is it possible to renew/extend my insurance once contracted?

Yes, this may be requested. However, the request must be approved by the insurance company.

If I need to cancel my insurance, will I receive a 100% refund?

The reimbursement is calculated as from the day the cancellation request is made, and administrative fees may apply. Each case will be studied by the insurance company.

I have a pre-existing illness and will be travelling. Can I obtain insurance?

Yes! There are special plans for people with pre-existing conditions.

Pregnant: I’m pregnant and will be travelling. Will the insurance cover my expenses?

No, because you are already pregnant. There are coverage conditions for maternity as long as your plan offers this benefit and that you are not pregnant at the time of contracting the plan and at the start of the plan’s validity.

Do I need specific insurance to use the Super Visa?

Yes! The Canadian government requires the purchase of Canadian insurance with a minimum coverage of $100,000 dollars that must be valid for 365 days. Of course, Energia Insurance can help out with this issue!

None of these items should be considered as absolute responses to these questions. None of the responses should be interpreted as definitive – always check your contracted insurance policy!