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"Energia" ?

We believe that passing on our expertise is a highly significant exchange between the company and the client. We strive to remain abreast of the market in order to transmit accurate and coherent information, while providing the necessary help that each person who approaches us deserves.

The word “energia” literally means energy, or strength in action

Body of knowledge


Produce an effect




Produce an effect with body of knowledge= ACHIEVE.

Energia Insurance is a partner when it comes to your dream trip or when you're moving abroad to begin a new life. Make sure you’re always covered to ACHIEVE your dreams.




Founder and CEO of Energia Insurance

Enterprising and successful, she holds a degree in Business Management and the title of financial security adviser. She immigrated to Canada in 2007, where she began to focus more energy on her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and transforming the world. She strives continuously to improve her ability to offer the best services and products to her clients. Passionate about people, she is also the host of her own podcast called Dose de Energia.


Director of Marketing and Client Services at Energia Insurance

Creative, attentive and with an eye for detail. She has a degree in Publicity and Advertising and is responsible for injecting colour and life into the ideas and projects at Energia Insurance. She immigrated as a permanent resident in 2017 and, since then, she has been winning over clients with her five-star service and daily dedication.


Administrative and Financial Director at Energia Insurance

With vast experience in financial management, he holds a degree as an economist. He offers valuable experience in all issues related to administration and finance. He oversees internal processes to ensure that the creative side of things and new business developments run smoothly.




To responsibly provide quality travel insurance services, guaranteeing individualized and prompt service to our clients, with security and peace of mind.


To be a leader in services to travel insurance clients, backed by exceptional commitment and professionalism.


Professional ethics and dedication in solving clients’ problems, quick and easy communication and the constant quest to enhance the services provided.